Zion’s family suffered harassment until the player renewed with the Pelicans

The months prior to his extension with the Pelicans have not been easy for Zion Williamson, and not precisely because of the physical problems that have kept him away from the tracks. The player has recognized in his first statements after the renewal that his family has been harassed in New Orleans due to the uncertainty about his future, and has carried part of the responsibility on the media and his need to feed the rumors about his possible March.

«I have felt it especially for my family. At the beginning of the season I said “if you have doubts about whether I want to stay here, ask me”. But instead of doing it, everyone started to invent narratives »he affirmed. “And as a result of that, every time my family members went to some public place they were harassed by people who asked them why we didn’t like New Orleans or why I didn’t want to be here, when that has never been the case”.

The player wanted to value the franchise’s attitude in the face of this terrible situation, highlighting the human support he has received from all its members.

“It’s been a roller coaster, but my family, the Pelicans and Mr. Benson (owner) have always been there,” he said. “David Griffin (vice president) was constantly calling me at his office, and both he and Trajan Langdon (gerente general) always encouraged me and gave me advice to make me feel better mentally. They have always offered me help when they were not required to. Same for Willie Green. All the people have been there for me when I’ve needed it.”

With the extension already signed and ties to the franchise seemingly strengthened, Zion will enter his fourth season in the league hoping that injuries won’t get in his way. Despite the fact that he has only played 85 games in these three years, the power forward has already been an All-Star and has left evidence of his incredible abilities, with which he will try to help the Pelicans project continue to grow after an exciting course 21-22.

(Cover photo: Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

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