You don’t care about the Lakers? LeBron James and the harsh criticism for a video that went up on social networks

Los Angeles Lakers are in serious trouble: The team has had a lousy season so far in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and there don’t seem to be any big signs of improvement in sight, which is of great concern to his fans.

With that in mind, the patience of the fans is less and less and with each mistake or controversy, criticism and despair grows. That’s why it seems that a publication of Lebron James He has fallen into a bad moment and managed to get the bad out of his fans.

LeBron, as he usually does in his spare time, posted on his Instagram account a video of him singing over a rap song, something he has always done on this social network. The problem is that he arrived after a loss to the Los Angeles Clippers and he didn’t like it at all.

Video: Rain of criticism of LeBron James

The tweet is only one, but the impact is great. The @LADEig account, of Lakers fans, uploaded the video in question along with the message: “The Lakers are 25-28 and ninth in the West. LeBron:”. This went viral and got almost 30 thousand likes. Of course, many people responded to the publication arguing that James could do what he wanted and there was nothing wrong with it, but the tweet had already gone viral.


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