‘You are hating a god’: Kevin Durant responds to critics for his time with the Warriors

Golden State Warriors he was once again the king of the best basketball league in the world. He won in the NBA Finals 2022 to the boston celtics and in that way, he won his fourth championship in the last eight seasons. A full-fledged dynasty.

But, automatically, if you talk about Golden State, you will talk about Kevin Durant. The player will be forever connected to the legendary team, since he contributed greatly to two of those titles, even being the MVP of both Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers of Lebron James.

Twice, though, the Warriors were able to win without him, and this time, finally, Stephen Curry was able to break his curse and win his first trophy Most valuable Player of the series, something he couldn’t do when he was KD, and not before, because he was taken Andrew Iguodala.

That is why now many try take credit away from Durant and argue that without him, Golden State would have won anyway and that without the KD franchise it would be nothing. True to his style, the current player of Brooklyn Nets that he has an uncertain future, he answered in his Podcast.

Kevin Durant responds to his Haters

you guys are hating a god… You’d think I’d be a six-year veteran of the league by the way people talk about me. Like I ain’t done shit before I go to Golden State…Go do your research, I’ve been like this”Durant replied to his haters.

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