Women’s EM: DFB sponsor starts provocative campaign

At the start of the European Women’s Soccer Championship in England on Wednesday, the Volkswagen Group is launching a campaign for more equality with a provocative hashtag.

With the slogan “Women play football. With #no women’s football” a social discussion is to be initiated and intensified. “The hashtag will be a topic of conversation. I think it’s good that Volkswagen is driving the discussion,” said national player Alexandra Popp.

The Wolfsburg automotive group is the official mobility partner of the European Championship tournament and premium sponsor of the German Football Association (DFB). With the new campaign, he wants to draw attention to existing inequalities in football.

The campaign is also intended to be an expression of Volkswagen’s long-term commitment to more diversity and equal opportunities. “We at Volkswagen believe in the power of diversity in all areas,” emphasized Sales Director Imelda Labbe.

The focus is on the provocative hashtag #KeinFrauenfussball, the aim of which is to intensify a discussion on the subject of equality. The hashtag will debut on the LED billboards at Wednesday’s opening game between England and Austria in Manchester – then in the English version #NotWomensFootball.

“Our campaign aims to shake things up, raise awareness and encourage people to question their own language use, because language shapes the way we humans think about the world,” said Labbe.

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