WM | Diving: Tina Punzel and Lena Hentschel move into the World Cup semifinals

The water jumpers Tina Punzel and Lena Hentschel survived the prelim from the 3m board at the World Championships in Budapest without any problems. The two Olympic bronze medalists in synchronized jumping moved into the next round on Friday afternoon in seventh and twelfth place. The final of the twelve best jumpers will take place on Saturday.

“I’m very satisfied with my first three jumps, but then I let some air. Seventh place is still very solid,” said Punzel from Dresden.

Punzel had not been able to train in the water for two weeks shortly before the immediate preparation for the World Cup due to an illness. “Right now I’m feeling really good, it was perfect timing,” reported the European champion: “I’m definitely benefiting from the many repetitions we’ve done over the past year and a half.”

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