With record included! Buffalo Bills historic win over New England Patriots in the 2022 NFL Playoffs

buffalo bills brought together everything suffered in the total domination that the last 20 years have had in the AFC East New England Patriots, and dispatched with an unprecedented performance in his win at Paul Brown Stadium by 47 to 17 in the NFL Playoffs 2022.

There is little precedent, either in the postseason or the regular season, for what the Bills did this weekend. Even one of the many marks achieved during this game, It’s the first time in NFL history that’s happened..

With a splash of Josh Allen, who completed 21 of his 25 passes for 308 yards and five touchdowns, in addition to 66 rushing yards, Buffalo wrote for the first time a page that had never been filled in the National Football League (NFL).

History of Bills against Patriots

Thanks to his terrific offensive performance against the New England Patriots, The Buffalo Bills became the first team in NFL history to score on absolutely all of their serious offenses., with seven touchdowns in the game. If Sean McDermott’s connect… How difficult it will be to stop them!


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