With a hint of Rehhagel and Schaaf, Ole Werner Werder gets things moving again

Ole Werner got Werder Bremen back on the road. With six wins after taking office, he is approaching an old Rehhagel record.

When Ole Werner’s “Stromberg”, “Jerks” or the new TV series “Die Discounter” flicker across the screen, Werder Bremen’s coach really catches fire. “These are things that I’m getting up to temperature on,” Werner said recently in an interview with the “Deichstube” about a side of him that hardly anyone knows.

To the general public, the 33-year-old from Schleswig-Holstein comes across as rather North German sober. A style that is well received on the Weser: With six wins in a row, Werner Werder has gotten back on his feet since taking office at the end of November and has been promoted to the middle of the fight for promotion to the 2nd division. Two more successes, then he would even have equaled the more than 40-year-old Bremen start record set by legendary coach Otto Rehhagel in 1981.

But Werner’s full focus is currently on the away game on Friday (6:30 p.m.) at Hansa Rostock. With a win, the green-whites could at least climb to the top of the table for one night. The Rehhagel record was “completely irrelevant” to Werner anyway. Every victory is “of course nice. It doesn’t matter whether it has to do with me, Otto Rehhagel or the town musicians.”

Werder coach Werner does not resist Schaaf comparisons

Calm, dry, successful: Werner’s appearance reminds quite a few of one of his prominent predecessors. Thomas Schaaf also impressed as a calming influence. “It is normal in football to look for parallels when you have a similar style. I have nothing against that either,” says Werner: “But in the end I am evaluated independently of the things that were before me. This evaluation should to be as positive as possible, that’s what I want.”

The players are full of praise for the man who had to end his playing career at the age of 21 because of a bad hip and then took up coaching at an early age. “There aren’t many upward swings with him, but not many downwards either. We have a very balanced energy,” says Anthony Jung, speaking of a “down-to-earthness” that the coach exemplifies.

A down-to-earth attitude has already led to success in Holstein Kiel

Werner also acted with this down-to-earth attitude at Holstein Kiel and quickly worked his way up from youth coach to senior level. In 2019 he took over the first team and almost led the club into the Bundesliga with calm and meticulousness.

Werner can now make up for this omission with Werder. By then at the latest, the trained bank clerk would probably come out of himself even more in public. “If there’s really something to celebrate, then I can celebrate well,” says Werner. He hopes that he can prove this “sometime here” in Bremen.


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