Wirtz stays “at least until 2024”


According to club boss Fernando Carro, the courted young national player Florian Wirtz will stay at Bayer Leverkusen for a longer period of time.

“I’m not just counting on Florian Wirtz until 2023, but at least until 2024. We’re trying to keep him as long as possible. But I assume that he won’t leave before 2024,” said Carro on the TV station “Bild”. .

The 18-year-old midfielder’s contract with Bayer runs until the end of June 2026. Recently, there had been repeated speculation about FC Bayern’s possible interest in Wirtz.

Bayer Managing Director Carro sees Wirtz as a regular player in Leverkusen in better hands with regard to his chances of playing at the home European Championship in 2024. “He knows he’s a very, very important player here, who has a lot of playing time, who can always play, who feels comfortable,” said Carro.



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