Will you accept it? Former Buccaneers QB makes bold request to Tom Brady

Surely, Tampa Bay Buccaneers deeply regrets the announcement of withdrawal by Tom Brady on the National Football League (NFL), because the player who came to change the status of the organization will no longer be on the journey.

Before TB12 will be part of the Florida organization, the name of the ‘Buccs’ was not in the important conversations of the league regarding candidates or quality of play on the field.

they were just enough two seasons for the Buccaneers to achieve what many long for: Playing and winning the Super Bowl at home, as well as leading their division. Brady made it happen, but the time has come for him to say goodbye.

Tom Brady (Photo: Mike Ehrmann | Getty Images)

Shaun King tries to convince Tom Brady

They were only two seasons on the team, but more than one came to love Tom Brady deeply. that’s how you see it Shaun King, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, who sent a moving message to TB12 to put his helmet back on, once again.

Shaun King (Photo: Elsa | Getty Images)

“I don’t take it easily. I do not give up. I feel like we have to meet with the city of Tampa. We have to come up with a One More Time campaign for Brady.” King stated via JoeBucsFan.com.


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