Will Tom Brady sign a one-day contract to retire on Patriots? The experts answer

The story of Tom Brady in New England Patriots did not end as the fans of the NFL they would have wanted The relationship with Bill Belichick suffered the normal wear and tear of time and with a team without many offensive resources, TB12 went to Tampa Bay Buccaneers after 20 seasons.

Brady and Belichick created one of the greatest dynasties in the history of the NFL by winning six championship rings in the Super Bowl and, as soon as Tom announced his retirement, the rumors about a possible last game as Patriot They were the order of the day.

The unverified Twitter account of Simon Charles, journalist and writer for Patriots Beat, claimed that “Tom Brady will give a speech at Patriot Place where he plans sign a 1-day contract and retire as a Patriot according to team sources”.

Boom! The bomb exploded on Twitter, but the experts of the NESN portal were in charge of confirming if Brady would sign for one day to wear the jersey of New England Patriots and have an epic retirement from the NFL. The illusion did not last long!

False rumor about Tom Brady (Photo: @S_CharlesNFL)

Is it true that Tom Brady will sign a contract to retire in the Patriots?

As reported by NESN, a spokesperson for the New England Patriots confirmed that the team does not plan to offer him a one-day contract Tom Brady to retire as a Patriot. So far, the story of TB12 and Bill Belichick in Foxborough will not have a final season.


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