Will the Cowboys and Buccaneers agree? The NFL could turn its calendar around in 2022

While the last remaining franchises fight to reach the Super Bowl 2022 in the NFL Playoffs, others they have to think about the next season and regroup to be better. The National Football League (NFL), as an institution, can do the same.

While the rule changes will be targeted primarily, including the controversial current version that exists in extra time or taunting penalties, there is something in particular that could exponentially improve not only the realization of the championship, but also the most important and lucrative part of this business: the number of viewers.

Although it is true that there is no official proposal on this, we probably come from best football weekend in history, with four meetings that gave us everything, but above all, absolutely everyone consumed. And not only because they are good matchups in the Playoffs…

The NFL must review its schedules

Patrick Mahomes against the Buffalo Bills. (Getty Images)

An intangible necessary for the massiveness that reached this NFL weekend, which marked record numbers television in the United States, were the starting times of the matches, both on Saturday and Sunday.

That is why Roger Goodell and company could consider a change in the start times of regular season games, which typically, especially for those on the East Coast, end around midnight in primetime matchups (Thursday, Sunday and Monday nights).


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