Will Peyton Manning buy it? Denver Broncos is for sale

With a statement from the Pat Bowlen Trust, the family fund that owned the franchise until now, what was an open secret a while ago was confirmed: the Denver Broncos they go on the market and become a franchise for sale in the National Football League (NFL).

Since 2014, the franchise has been run by President of Operations John Ellis, since its previous owner, Pat Bowlen, had to step down due to Alzheimer’s. Under his Hall of Fame tenure, where Bowlen is immortalized, the Broncos had 21 winning seasons, 13 division titles, seven appearances in superbowl and three rings.

Thank you to everyone who has worn the Broncos jersey over the years for your commitment to victory and making a difference in our community.“Wrote the family in the statement posted on the franchise’s social networks. “This team belongs to the fans“, closes the text.

Are the Mannings candidates to own the Denver Broncos?

The Mannings, probable new owners. (Getty Images)

Rumors spread through the corridors of the NFL that the Manning family, established years ago as one of the important dynasties in the sport, have the desire to become owners of a franchise once this is possible.

There is even a rumor, explained by the journalist Albert Breer in his podcast, that the Mannings have not missed opportunities to earn more money in their time as players to grow their fortune… And buy a franchise!


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