Will Max Eberl join RB Leipzig? Who will be the successor?

The timing could hardly have been more explosive. A few days before the transfer window closed, sports director Max Eberl informed the club bosses of Borussia Mönchengladbach that he wanted to resign – apparently as soon as possible, four and a half years before his working paper expired.

The announced withdrawal, which has yet to be officially confirmed by the club, raises a whole range of questions.

Why does Eberl throw down so suddenly? Why could he be hired at RB Leipzig soon? And who are the successor candidates in Gladbach? gives answers.

Why does Max Eberl suddenly drop in Gladbach?

From the environment of the club and from a recent “image“The report shows that the situation surrounding his partner Sedrina Schaller Eberl is said to have made the decision to quit Gladbach.

It was Eberl himself who installed the 33-year-old as the team manager of the licensed squad and thus combined professional and private life. A personality that caused explosives on the Lower Rhine almost from day one in the summer of last year.

Schaller worked closely with the team, acting as a link between sporting leadership and management. The immediate proximity to the managing director and most important decision-maker at Borussia finally fell on her feet – and is said to have caused extreme displeasure with Eberl himself.

In addition, Eberl has repeatedly gambled away important decisions in recent years. Criticism of the 48-year-old grew, both publicly and internally.

Course setting and personnel decisions recently proved to be misjudgments and made Eberl vulnerable. Holding on to Marco Rose after the change to BVB became known, the expensive misunderstanding with offensive player Hannes Wolf in the midst of the Corona crisis, the missed contract extensions with Denis Zakaria and Matthias Ginter, the obvious mistake with head coach Adi Hütter: the list of criticisms of Eberl became longer and longer in recent months.

The frustration and annoyance of the ex-professional himself also continued to increase. So much so that he probably dropped the bomb internally and – from the club’s point of view at an absolutely inopportune time – wanted to give up today rather than tomorrow. As “Sky” reports, Max Eberl said goodbye to the team on Friday afternoon.

Why is Max Eberl so important for Gladbach?

The merits of the Lower Bavarian for Borussia Mönchengladbach are undisputed, although he was not able to win a single title in his 23-year tenure at the club.

After the Bundesliga relegation in 2011 with relegation at the last second, Eberl was the architect of a professional squad that became more and more balanced and better and was the only club alongside FC Bayern and BVB to always achieve a single-digit place in the table.

When choosing the head coaches – above all Lucien Favre, Dieter Hecking and Marco Rose – the Gladbach sports director proved to be just as lucky as he was on the player market.

The list of top-class transfers is long and last but not least, brought Borussia three places in the Champions League. Dante, Marco Reus, Granit Xhaka, Christoph Kramer or Matthias Ginter: All these and other top transfers of the last decade bore Eberl’s signature.

His intuition and network on the player market, coupled with his impeccable reputation and his appeal far beyond the borders of the Bundesliga, cannot be replaced for the Gladbachers in the short term.

What’s next for Max Eberl after Gladbach’s exit?

If it is up to Eberl himself, he would like to get out of his contract immediately, although it will run until 2026 in the long term. Only last year did the club announce the early extension with its most important employee.

Further cooperation now seems to have become impossible. The fact that Eberl, for example, is still dealing with upcoming transfer plans from Borussia is probably out of the question. Borussia has scheduled a press conference with Eberl, President Rolf Königs, Vice-President Rainer Bonhof and Managing Director Stephan Schippers for 2:00 p.m. on Friday. The decision will probably be announced.

According to media reports, Eberl could continue with another club after a break from the summer, possibly with Bundesliga competitor RB Leipzig.

Since the departure of sports director Markus Krösche, the Saxons are still looking for an experienced and qualified manager. They would certainly also be willing to pay a corresponding fee for Eberl to Gladbach.

This could reach a new record level for Eberl, not least because of the long contract period. There is already talk of a double-digit million sum.

According to “Sky”, however, the RB leadership is looking abroad for a Krösche successor.

Who are possible successors for Max Eberl in Gladbach?

  • Steffen Korell: In the short term, the ex-defender will probably continue Max Eberl’s day-to-day business. The 50-year-old is considered a close confidant of Eberl and has also worked for many years as a team manager, head of scouting and Eberl’s assistant at the club.
  • Christopher friend: The sports director of RB Salzburg has proven to be a real talent discoverer and promoter for years and has long been in demand outside of Austria. According to reports, he wants to fulfill his contract with RB by 2023.
  • Dieter Hecking: As a former player and head coach, his name inevitably comes up with the Foals. However, he is currently employed as a sports director at the second division club 1. FC Nürnberg.
  • Jörg Schmadtke: Was employed by Gladbach as a player and (assistant) coach. Has made a name for himself as a manager, especially in Aachen, Cologne and Wolfsburg. Was now without a contract from the summer.
  • Rouven Schroeder: Was already traded in Gladbach in Mainz times, is a long-time friend of Eberl. But he is currently constantly working on the reconstruction of FC Schalke and will probably not leave this project.

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