Will he try his luck in the MLB? The Tennessee Titans receiver who wants to get the attention of the San Diego Padres

The realities of two of the most important leagues in the world are very different: while the National Football League (NFL) is in its final stage Major League Baseball (MLB) it is far from considering that its season will be able to boot this year in a timely manner.

But not everything is definitions for the NFL, especially for teams that no longer compete. being specific, only those doomed to Super Bowl 2022 with Cincinnati Bengals Y Los Angeles Rams still focused on football.

And while many players define their future in the league, others enjoy their vacation before returning to training in the middle of the year. Among them, who seems to have returned to a first love is the recipient of Tennessee TitansA. J. Brown.

AJ Brown wants a tryout with the Padres

There are people who are just born with natural talents for sports. AJ Brown seems to be the case. The Tennessee Titans catcher recorded himself in the batter’s box this offseason, and it sounds like he wants to convince the San Diego Padres to have him tested. Will they call him?


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