Will he go with LeBron James or Michael Jordan ?: The king of caps is interested in Lakers and Hornets

The paths of LeBron James and Michael Jordan In the NBA they will always be linked and even with one of them retired, the possibility of making a trade for the king of caps in the 2021-22 season could face them. Los Angeles Lakers and Charlotte Hornets they would be the main actors.

The realities of Lakers and Hornets are quite similar because due to the talent they have they should be fighting higher in the standings of each conference, but injuries and absences due to covid-19 it has taken its toll on them. It is necessary to reinforce!

The player targeted by both Lakers and Hornets, a team owned by Michael Jordan since 2010, would be The player who leads the 2021-22 NBA season in average caps per game with 2.9 blocks. Will he go with LeBron James or MJ?

“It is clear that here they do not value me more than as a glorified role player, and I want something more, more opportunities. I’m trying really hard to make the role assigned to me here work and find a way to maximize it. I’ve been trying for the last two or three seasons. But it is clear to me that, just in terms of numbers, I am not valued more than as a rotating role player and I hold myself in a higher regard than that. “, Myles Turner told The Athletic portal about the present that he lives in Indiana Pacers.

Does he go with LeBron or Jordan ?: Myles Turner interests the Lakers and Hornets

To be able to make an exchange for Myles Turner, Los Angeles Lakers and Charlotte Hornets They will not have it easy at all, since according to Shams Charania, a journalist for The Athletic portal, there are more teams interested in the pivot that leads the NBA 2021-22 season in caps per game.

Rival NBA teams are intensifying conversations with the Pacers involving guard Caris LeVert and center Myles Turner. The Mavericks and Knicks are expressing interest in trading for Turner, the sources said. The Lakers and Hornets have also had a level of interest in Turner, added the sources. “, Shams Charania stated.


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