Why Aston Martin Vettel doesn’t set a deadline

“Whether he wants to drive or not, that’s his decision. That’s very clear.” This is how team boss Mike Krack answers the question of whether Sebastian Vettel alone can decide on his future at Aston Martin in Formula 1 beyond 2022. And Krack also emphasizes: If Vettel wants to, then he can “happily drive for the long term” for Aston Martin.

So far, however, nothing has been settled in this matter. It could stay that way for a while, because Aston Martin does not set any deadlines for Vettel, according to team boss Krack. “We talk to each other and have a very, very good relationship,” says Krack. “We don’t have to set any deadlines for each other.”

But Vettel shouldn’t take too much time with his decision either: “If it takes too long, then of course we’ll get into trouble at a certain point, but Sebastian is aware of that,” says Krack.

He speaks of “very trusting talks” with Vettel and explains: “Everything is fine.”

Aston Martin wants to convince Sebastian Vettel

Is “good” also the right term for the Aston Martin AMR22 that Vettel and his teammate Lance Stroll will be driving in the 2022 Formula 1 season? Krack thinks he and his team are on the right track after the Barcelona update. That was “the first step”.

“I would like to present Sebastian with another step and then we can talk to each other. Maybe then he will feel a little more desire to continue,” says Krack. Vettel himself had recently stated that the “shape of Aston Martin” contributed to his decision.

Team boss Krack doesn’t rely on a “gut feeling”

He does not want to comment on any “gut feeling” about how Vettel could decide. Krack only says, even jokingly: “We shouldn’t talk about feelings here, because you can be disappointed there!”

Seriously, he adds: “We’ve analyzed what we achieved in Canada, now we’re working hard towards Silverstone. And then we’ll see where we stand when we talk to each other.”

After nine of 22 races, Aston Martin is eighth in the constructors’ championship, just ahead of Haas but well behind AlphaTauri. In the drivers’ standings, Vettel is listed as the currently better placed Aston Martin man in 14th place.

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