Whose side will Brady be on? Antonio Brown accuses Tampa Bay Buccaneers of offering him money to avoid controversy

Tom Brady Y Tampa Bay Buccaneers were left out of NFL Playoffs 2022 in the divisional round by falling in an exciting match against Los Angeles Rams. The question that may remain up in the air is whether the game would have changed with the presence of Anthony Brown.

The answer will never be known, since the receiver was cut from the franchise after leaving the game on the penultimate date against New York Jets abruptly. After this, different reasons began to emerge for what happened, and the receiver accused and showed that the franchise and the coach Bruce Aries they wanted me to play with broken ankle bones.

Now during an interview with HBO’s Bryant Gumbel to be released Tuesday night, both AB and his attorney they broke the silence and accused the Bucs of trying to give Brown money for his mental healthand thus avoid criticism for requiring him to play injured.

Antonio Brown and his lawyer accuse the Bucs

“These guys in the Tampa Bay Bucs they tried to make an agreement with me to give me $200,000 to go to a ‘crazy house’ so they could look like they knew what they were talking about. These guys are not professionals, they treated me badlyBrown said in the interview.

His attorney, Sean Burstyn, says he has evidence that the Bucs offered to pay the WR to undergo “intensive mental health treatment.” “The offer was that Antonio would sit on the side of the court, go on a list and would undergo a form of intensive mental health treatment. Y The general manager (Jason Licht) specifically told us twice in writing to ‘not turn this around'”, Burstyn revealed.


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