What are the top rated games on Steam?

The Steam platform is the first port of call for many gamers when it comes to PC games. But which titles have the best ratings in this respect?

Flops like Battlefield 2042 or eFootball 2022 recently showed that ratings on Steam can have a significant impact on the success of a game. In addition to negative examples, there are of course titles that are extremely popular with fans.

Taking the top five rated games on Steam shows that great graphics are not a crucial feature. With Terraria (97.17 percent), a visually minimalist title is in fifth place.

Different genres at the top

The game People Playground is a little more popular (97.27 percent). Here, gamers can experiment with crash test dummies, with a particular focus on destroying said figures.

Hades (97.40 percent), a title highly praised by many trade journals, is in third place. The attempt to break out of the underworld in a hack’n’slash style apparently also inspires the masses on Steam.

No surprise at the top

Factorio (97.41 percent) is a nice example of how the Steam platform can help with game development. Because the popular economic simulation was in early access for four years before it finally came out in 2020.

The cult game Portal 2 (97.68 percent) has managed to fascinate ever new fans for years with its innovative gameplay and interesting story. The puzzle game is the top rated title on Steam.


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