What are the best item combinations in Chapter 3?

Strategically viable combinations of wearable items often lead to success in Fortnite. Strong rapid-fire weapons, an option in terms of mobility and flexible healing items should never be missing

It’s always a good idea to have the MK-7 assault rifle and the Stachler submachine gun with you. Because these two rapid-fire weapons are accurate and penetrating, you can hardly do without them.

The best version of the MK-7 assault rifle is the Mythic version, which is available after defeating The Foundation in the east of the map. The Stachler submachine gun can be found in rare chests and vaults as a Legendary variant.

An option for melee combat

  1. MK-7 Assault Rifle (Mythic)
  2. Stachler Submachine Gun (Legendary)
  3. Striker Pump Shotgun (Legendary)
  4. Spider-Man’s web shooter
  5. Med Nebula

If you like to go into close combat, the Striker pump gun is the best choice. It is a relatively slow weapon that takes a long time to reload.

But a single hit can make all the difference. Because the Legendary version does 105 damage on a successful shot and can knock out an opponent without a shield right out of the way.

As a rule, at least two of the five inventory slots in Fortnite should be used for healing, shield or mobility. The offensive loadout is supported accordingly by Spider-Man’s net shooter, with which quick changes of location are possible.

In terms of healing, the Med Nebula is a solid choice. The spray can can also be used while running or sliding and heals the life points quickly and reliably.

Alternatively: An option for ranged fighters

  1. MK-7 Assault Rifle (Mythic)
  2. Stachler Submachine Gun (Legendary)
  3. Boom Sniper Rifle (Exotic)
  4. Med Nebula
  5. time

In addition to the two main weapons, which cover all areas from short to long distances, a sniper rifle can also be carried instead of a shotgun.

At first glance, the boom sniper rifle only causes ten points of damage per hit. But as soon as an opponent is caught, an explosive clinger hangs on him.

This explodes a short time later, dealing another 60 points of damage. Five shots can be fired in a row.

Even buildings can be brought down with said weapon in Fortnite. In the hut of Lt. John Llama, the Boom Sniper Rifle can be purchased for 500 Gold Bars.

The use of the tent is also recommended. Any combination of up to three weapons or items can be stowed in this.


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