What advantages could UFL have over the top dog?

As part of the first gameplay presentation of the new football simulation UFL, the developer studio Strikerz Inc. apparently pursued the strategy of emphasizing as often as possible that there are significant differences between top dog EA and their own company.

CEO Eugene Nashilov first reported that the more than 200 employees are mainly passionate gamers. The aim is to enable the most realistic and positive gaming experience possible.

Fair-2-Play instead of Pay-2-Win

The Russian thanked the competition for the preparatory work, but now the time has come for a new chapter and a significant further development. In particular, the pay-2-win mechanisms in FIFA should not exist in UFL.

Although microtransactions will most likely be possible, they will allegedly not affect the playing strength of your own team. In addition, UFL will be playable for free.

Nashilov gives the overall package the title “Fair-2-Play”. In order to be able to keep up with the industry leader FIFA 22, Strikerz Inc. also turned their attention to so-called motion capture technology.

Said method records the movements of test subjects while they are firing shots at a goal or throwing themselves into a duel, for example. In this respect, fans of soccer simulations probably don’t have to cut corners.

No push for microtransactions

According to the CEO, the main game mode will be global online leagues. The matchmaking focuses on games that are as balanced as possible so that nobody gets the feeling that they have a bad team.

Statements like these relate directly to criticisms of the practices of competitor EA. Because FIFA fans have often stated that they have the feeling that they regularly face opponents that are far too strong to be pressured into investing in new packs.

In the presentation, Nashilov also emphasizes the fact that there is no need to start all over again. All achieved successes (and therefore probably all already invested euros) remain in a user’s account.

So while FIFA gamers make a forced new start every year as part of the Ultimate Team mode, UFL doesn’t suddenly straddle every twelve months in between.

Huge License Pack

The UFL range is also impressive when it comes to the license package. Thanks to a deal with players’ union FIFPro, the names of all active footballers should be present in the game.

With the commitment of Cristiano Ronaldo as an advertising face, Strikerz Inc. also achieved a real coup. Because the former FIFA cover star guarantees the new football simulation a lot of attention.


If UFL can convince in terms of gameplay and graphics, top dog EA should actually have a significant competitor at its side after years of sole reign.

The events surrounding Konami’s potential competitor product eFootball 2022 proved once again last year that promising projects do not always necessarily result in successful games. UFL would like to do many things better than FIFA, but the truth is still known to be on the (virtual) pitch.


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