“We are building a path a ‘little’ different”

Indiana management has wasted no time laying out the groundwork for the initial phase of what a new cycle in the organization will entail.

The first stone to fall coincided with the transfer of Caris LeVert to Cleveland, although the first great bomb It would take place this Tuesday, the day Domantas Sabonis was sent to Sacramento in exchange for, among other assets, Tyrese Haliburton.

And it won’t be the last move. Beyond what finally happens with Myles Turner before the market closes, the medium HoopsHype has reported that the Pacers will move Malcolm Brogdon during the offseason. Come on, what has been a full-fledged reconstruction.

This has been confirmed directly by Rick Carlisle, who is facing his first season in what is his second stage at the helm of the Indiana bench. “We are building a slightly different path,” said the head coach in the middle The Athletic, before continuing his assessment on the matter: «It is a business, you know, everything is possible. We have veteran players who know that this is a business and that this type of thing can happen.

Interestingly, Pacers owner Herb Simon had stated just over a month ago that the intention was not to completely rebuild but to make the right moves to continue competing, even if this meant a temporary step back.

“Why would we want to go through a rebuild when we can build as we go,” the owner said then, according to picked up the middle The Athletic. «We are not a franchise that is going to be dismantled to get a better pick. We will try to win all the matches. Sometimes we develop rookies and that can cost us a game, but we will never start a game with the aim of losing as long as I own it. I do not believe in that. Some teams do, but I don’t believe in that.”

In this way, Simon’s predictions have not been fully fulfilled but, at least, they seem to have received the necessary pieces to avoid the tanking and return to war as soon as possible.

(Cover photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

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