Water jumper Wassen reached the World Cup final in high diving

The Berlin water jumper Christina Wassen is in the final from the tower at the World Championships in Budapest. Wassen came in the semifinals of the best preliminary 18. to 303.55 points and was eighth.

Her teammate Pauline Pfeif, on the other hand, was eliminated. She finished semi-final 16. The final of the top twelve will be held on Monday evening.

The newly formed duo Lars Rüdiger/Timo Barthel had previously won the bronze medal in synchronized diving from the three-meter board. At the start of the jumping competitions, the two only had to bow to China and Great Britain.

Until the end of last season, Rüdiger jumped with Patrick Hausding. The record European champion, who collected three Olympic medals, officially ended his career at the beginning of May.

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