Washington NFL team reveals new name mystery

On February 2nd, the secret of the future name of the Washington team from the National Football League (NFL), where David Bada from Munich is also under contract, will be revealed on US breakfast television.

The Washington Redskins were the first major US professional team to say goodbye to their racist name more than a year and a half ago. “I’m looking forward to the new uniforms and a new logo on the helmet and chest,” Bada told the German Press Agency. He is happy “that everything is starting from scratch again and that we can start the new season with anticipation”.

The 26-year-old sees it purely from a sporting point of view. After a difficult year with corona infection and injuries, he finally wants to become an integral part of the NFL squad next season and regularly play in the best football league in the world. His employer also hopes that the new name will give him a clean start. Because the football franchise from the US capital has had difficult years.

This is due in particular to team owner Dan Snyder, who is more controversial than almost any other owner in US sport. He is blamed by his critics for allowing top executives to get away with years of sexual innuendo and insults against women. Last July, the NFL fined him $10 million for it, and Snyder had to stay away from his own organization.

He also argued with other shareholders for years. His reputation in the NFL sucks. And for more than two decades he refused to even bother with the criticism of the name Redskins, which was perceived as racist. Until the pressure got too big.

The name “Redskins” had to go

Anti-racism protests in the United States had taken on enormous dimensions after the fatal arrest of African American George Floyd in spring 2020. There were demonstrations nationwide, in Minneapolis as well as in New York, Washington and Los Angeles. Hardly an argument, hardly a lawsuit from blacks, Native Americans and other minorities in the USA was new – but the climate in society changed. Large companies, including important sponsors of the team, also recognized this. And they made a clear demand: the name “Redskins” has to go. What decades of criticism from representatives of indigenous peoples had failed to do suddenly happened quickly in the face of endangered contracts worth millions.

After 87 years, the organization retired the “Redskins” name, as it was officially known. To date, there has been no apology or acknowledgment that people have been hurt through the use of symbols and gestures. It still seems as if economic reasons alone were decisive.

The burgundy and gold colors remain

Although the Cleveland Indians from the MLB also parted with their name and start the coming baseball season as the Cleveland Guardians – the Kansas City Chiefs, the Chicago Blackhawks or the Atlanta Braves are still of the opinion that the natives of the country through their to honor names. At least for the Chiefs, fans with feather headdresses on their heads or in costumes have not been allowed into the stadium for two seasons. The fact that there have been no “Redskins” in the reports, on result lists and on posters in the NFL for two seasons is still a success.

How promising the hoped-for new start will be for Washington now also depends largely on the acceptance of the new name. The “Red Wolves” or “Wolves” favored by many fans will not exist for fear of legal disputes with others. In the last selection were Commanders, Admirals, Armada, Brigade, Sentinels, Defenders, Red Hogs and Presidents as well as simply the Washington Football Team. One thing is certain: the colors burgundy red and gold will also dominate when David Bada receives a package from Washington in a few days and sees the first new parts with the new name and the new logo.


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