Was Antonio Brown right? Bruce Arians hit a Buccaneers teammate of Tom Brady’s helmet

The way to revalidate the title of the superbowl started for Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a procedural game in the Wild Card of the NFL Playoffs 2022. Tom Brady and company stepped over philadelphia eagles and one of the great curiosities had Bruce Aries as protagonist. Was Antonio Brown right?

The Buccaneers were caught up in the great controversy of the 2021 NFL with the Antonio Brown scandal, who accused head coach Arians of ill-treatment and of wanting to play injured and with broken bones. Bruce gave something to talk about again.

When it comes to watching an NFL game, you don’t ask Bruce Arians to stay calm, quite the opposite. The heartbeat of the head coach Tampa Bay Buccaneers they are always a thousand and more if it comes to being able to prevent one of his targeted players from committing a penalty which can cost them yards.

Tom Brady and Bruce Arians (Photo: Getty Images)

After a fumble forced by Scott Miller with the Buccaneers special team, Andrew Adams was grappling with a rival of the Eagles and to avoid some kind of punishment, Arians entered the Raymond James Stadium grid and made a controversial gesture.

Was Brown right?: Arians hit a Buccaneers player in the helmet in the NFL Playoffs

Bruce Arians didn’t think twice and hit Andrew Adams in the helmet to then give him a slight push and not continue with the discussion. All this happened while Tom Brady and company were beating the Philadelphia Eagles in the Wild Card game of the NFL Playoffs 2022 and after a few days Antonio Brown’s accusation of ill-treatment at Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


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