Warriors’ streak ends in Salt Lake City

The Warriors’ nine-game winning streak has ended on their visit to Vivint Arena. The Californian team fell to the Jazz by a more than resounding 111-85, which is the fourth consecutive win for Snyder’s men, who had let go in recent weeks due to their casualty problems but seem to pick up the pace again. Those from Salt Lake City thus cling to fourth place in the West, a position that the Mavericks seem willing to take away from them in this final stretch.

Despite the large favorable score for the locals, it was Golden State who started dominating the match, because with a 0-13 start they achieved what would be their highest lead in the entire match in 3 minutes. However, the Jazz reacted quickly and equalized the score in a matter of minutes, and already in the second half they were in charge of breaking it definitively.

Although the distance began to widen in the third quarter, it was not until the last that it became definitive. The locals reached the final stretch much more whole, and managed to place themselves with a 30-point advantage in the fourth period thanks to their continued ability to add and, above all, their great defensive work, which left the Warriors in their second worst season score. These, without Klay Thompson and on the second night of a back to backthey found no answer, and ended up letting the game go when they were completely overwhelmed.

And it is that Utah achieved that the main figures of those of Kerr could not feel comfortable practically at any time. Stephen Curry couldn’t get past 16 points and Andrew Wiggins had 13, leaving Jordan Poole with 18 points as the top scorer. Overall, the Californians shot on a meager 35.9% shooting rate, which prevented them from keeping up with the much more inspired Jazz.

The locals did not have a great outstanding figure either, but with six of their men in double figures they always managed to find a way to keep adding. Bojan Bogdanovic, with 23 points, finished as the leader in scoring, while Donovan Mitchell bordered on the triple-double with 14 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists. Mike Conley and Jordan Clarkson finished with 13, while Hassan Whiteside, although he had 9 points, managed to grab 19 rebounds and put up 7 blocks to make up for Gobert’s loss and exercise his dominance in the paint.

(Cover photo: Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)

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