Vladimir Guerrero Jr. surpasses Fernando Tatis Jr. and is the MLB Dominican Most Valuable Player 2021

The 2021 season of Major League Baseball (MLB) had an interesting duel rollers natives of the Dominican Republic, who are also children of competition legends, we are talking about Vladimir Guerrero Jr., home run leader, and Fernando Tatis Jr.

while the star of Toronto Blue Jays it was the maximum home run of the Majors with 48 homers, together with the Venezuelan Salvador Perez, the shortstop of San Diego Padres signed his 14-year multi-million dollar contract and $340 million dollars, signing 45 home runs.

Both Guerrero Jr. and Tatis Jr. were the most representative Dominican players in the MLB last season, therefore, they led the preferences to choose the Most valuable Player of this country, an award organized by the company JJ Sports.

Guerrero Jr. beats Tatis Jr. in the Dominican Republic

According to the vote carried out by specialized journalists from that country, the Vlady received the award by receiving 20 first-place votes and 1 second-place vote, for a total of 208 points; against the 9 votes for second, 5 votes for third and 6 votes for fourth, for a total of 147 points, which he received The boy.

At the same time, Guerrero Jr. became the Dominican Offensive Player of the Year with 206 points, joining Albert Pujols, David Ortiz, Nelson Cruz and Jose Ramirez, as the only winners of both awards in the same MLB season.


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