Vital Heynen surprisingly new women’s national coach

After more than four and a half years as the men’s national coach, Belgian Vital Heynen will be training the German women’s volleyball team in the future.

As the German Volleyball Association (DVV) surprisingly announced, the 52-year-old has been given a three-year contract and will succeed Felix Koslowski.

“I said a few years ago that I would be interested in coaching a women’s team and I’m happy to have this opportunity now,” said Heynen.

The world-class coach had last looked after Poland’s men. He won gold with the team at the 2018 World Cup and bronze at the 2021 European Championships. “Volleyball is still volleyball, regardless of whether it’s a man or a woman. In my opinion, it only differs slightly,” said Heynen, who played from February 2012 to September 2016 trained the German men and sensationally won bronze at the 2014 World Cup. It was the first German World Cup medal in 44 years.

The men’s coach remains Italian Andrea Giani, who has extended his contract for this year. “Our goal for 2022 is to play even further up the world rankings,” said Giani, who succeeded Heynen in 2017.

The highlight of the season for the men is the World Cup in Russia (August 26 to September 11), for the women the finals in the Netherlands and Poland (September 23 to October 15).


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