Violent noise in Austria’s team

The house blessing in the Austrian ski jumping team is very crooked. Successful coach Harald Rodlauer is angry that he will not be included in any decisions during the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing. Rodlauer had to stay at home after a corona contact quarantine.

“Things were decided afterwards that were not discussed with me. Nobody asked me for advice, I had zero contact with the sporting leadership,” Harald Rodlauer burst in an interview with the “Tiroler Tageszeitung”.

His assistant coach Thomas Diethart has not even contacted him since last Wednesday. Diethart, who was only employed as an assistant a few weeks ago, did not send any video material to his boss either. “That’s not how you treat a long-time coach,” said the 55-year-old.

Poor performance and an embarrassing faux pas

Also piquant: In the absence of superstar Sara Marita Kramer, Austria’s ski jumpers have so far been disappointing at the Olympic Games.

The best ÖSV athlete in the individual on the normal hill was Lisa Eder in eighth place. In addition, the ski jumping team made an embarrassing and momentous mistake when Sophie Sorschag was allowed to jump in an advertising suit. This is not allowed according to the regulations, Sorschag was disqualified.

In the subsequent mixed competition, Austria took fifth place.

Statements from ski jumping coaches are not well received

Meanwhile, Rodlauer’s statements were not well received by the ÖSV representatives who were staying in Beijing.

“I talked to him about the article and told him that of course I couldn’t appreciate it at all. We talk so much throughout the year,” said Mario Stecher, Sport Director for Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined, to the news agency. APA”.

Frustration would also have played a role for the ÖSV trainer, said Stecher: “Of course he would have liked to have been there and perhaps celebrated a medal with a Sara Kramer.” In the meantime, however, the matter has been “talked out of”.


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