Video: Westbrook’s defensive play that worries LeBron James and the Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers They have not had a second of respite during the 2021-22 season of the National Basketball Association (NBA). And now, they are in a state of alert, since they have lost three games in a row and even magic johnson He begins to criticize them.

The worst defeat came this Saturday night against Denver Nuggets, when those of Facundo Campazzo, Nikola Jockic and company destroyed the Lakers by 133 to 96. In this way, the Los Angeles team falls below .500 in its record, with 21 wins and 22 losses.

The disaster in the offense was due to a lack of organization, the fault of both Lebron James like Russell Westbrook. In defense, the thing was much worse, since the whole team was listless, including the two stars. But with the point guard who wears the #0 in the eye of the storm for his performance in the campaign, his defensive actions could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back to finally be traded …

Video: Russell Westbrook and an unfortunate play

Although it was not the only one, in the third quarter and already down by a lot, the Nuggets had the ball and attacked. Mount Morris missed a shot from midrange and Westbrook stood looking at the ball instead of covering the rebound from Aaron Gordon. He finally overturned her unopposed and the frustrated faces showed.


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