VIDEO: Nuggets best defender? Facundo Campazzo ‘eats’ the figure of the Clippers and steals the ball

Facundo Campazzo, although imperfect, still shows why it is so valuable in Denver nuggets, even when they lose. In the loss to Los Angeles Clippers by National Basketball Association (NBA), left a tremendous robbery to a rival figure.

It’s getting something good out of a bad game. the nuggets fell 87 to 85 against the Clippers, and the loss is worrying, since in the third quarter had an advantage of up to 25 points, and ended up wasting it with a disastrous ending.

Facu ended with 2 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists, and a phenomenal steal. It may not have been the best game of the Nuggets and the Argentine, but he left a play that shows that he can mark even the greatest.

VIDEO: Campazzo’s ball steal

With Paul George Y Kawhi Leonard outside, the best player on the Clippers is Marcus Morris, who at the end of the third quarter wanted to post Campazzo. When he turned to take the shot, Facu didn’t even let him jump and took the ball out of his hands. Above, then he got the foul.


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