VIDEO: Michael Jordan, is that you? The incredible LaMelo Ball sequence that drove the Hornets and the entire NBA crazy

If the 2021-22 season of the National Basketball Association (NBA) from Charlotte Hornets so far it has been as productive as it has been seen, it is largely thanks to the magnificent point guard that I selected in the Draft last year, LaMelo Ball.

Since he is the owner of the franchise, that has been the best success of Michael Jordan. This year, the Hornets have a record of 23 games won and 20 lost, which places them seventh in Eastern Conference, the best level this year.

LaMelo, meanwhile, has had a season worthy of All-Star selection. Until Saturday, January 15, average 19.4 points, 7.2 rebounds, 7.6 assists and 1.7 steals. And this Friday, he made two consecutive plays that left everyone speechless.

Video: LaMelo Ball surprises the NBA

In the loss to Orlando Magic, first LaMelo hits a 3-pointer to Cole Anthony’s face, breaking her ankles with a step back. Then, on the next play, he steals the ball, goes on the counter-attack and He throws an Alley-Oop to Miles Bridges. The curious and incredible thing is the way of the pass,jumping and passing the ball between his legs! MJ must have seen him proud.


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