VIDEO: Jordan? LeBron? Facundo Campazzo reveals the NBA stars he idolized as a child

Quickly, since he arrived at the National Basketball Association (NBA), the Argentinian Facundo Campazzo he won over all the fans of Denver nuggets and his teammates with his vibrant game, luxurious passing, grit and energy to play, and his charisma on and off the court.

Thats why he community manager The Nuggets Twitter account has exploited the popularity of the point guard and is mentioned frequently, making him one of the media stars of the Colorado franchise. In this way, a funny interview with Jamal murray.

Murray is one of the great stars of the establishment next to MVP Nikola Jokic, and being injured since last season, now, while recovering, he is used for these fun activities, as a ping-pong of questions and answers with the Facu.

There, the starting point guard who will return near the end of the season, asked Campazzo, whom he nicknamed Spider-man for being everywhere on the court, various things from his personal life and as a player. One of them was “What player did you admire when you were younger?” And an interesting answer emerged.

Facu Campazzo and Jamal Murray. (Jason Miller / Getty Images)

VIDEO: Facu Campazzo reveals his childhood idols in the NBA

Facu made a face of concentration and answered it in a serious tone. “Steve Nash. Jason Kidd, Jason Williams. When I was a kid I used to play point guard watching the NBA, so I grew up watching those”said the midget who, not coincidentally, admired point guards who were excellent passers and had great vision, just like him now.


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