Video: Facundo Campazzo’s pipe to an opponent who drove the NBA experts crazy

Play Facu play! It would have been the cry of the kneeling of Denver Nuggets if they were on a soccer field because the play that Facundo Campazzo threw in the game against Portland Trail Blazers was absolutely crazy, to the point that the experts of the NBA they surrendered to the magic of the Argentine.

They were told and warned. Everytime that Campazzo jump onto a court of the best basketball in the world get ready because the magician’s cape is always on and, when you least expect it, he pulls out his wand and does a trick that amazes the entire NBA.

Denver Nuggets decided that Facu Campazzo should come off the bench to bring intensity, dedication and magic to the team when the rival defense is worn out. Against the Blazers it was no exception and Facundo’s first big play put the fans attending the Pepsi Center stadium to applaud the Argentine.

Facundo Campazzo vs. Blazers (Photo: Getty Images)

Facundo Campazzo went hand in hand with CJ Elleby, 1.98 meters tall, and had no problem in steal the ball easier than it would be to take candy from a baby. and then it came magic with a tremendous spout. Facu, how crazy you are!

Video: Campazzo’s pipe to an opponent who drove NBA experts crazy

The portal The Athletic is a reference when talking about basketball and after comparing Facundo Campazzo with an NBA legend decided to publish the video of the pipe from Facu to Trendon Watford, of the Portland Trail Blazers, which drove NBA pundits crazy.


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