VIDEO: Devin Booker got upset and had… the Raptors mascot kicked out!

Phoenix suns had to travel to Canada to face Toronto raptors on the National Basketball Association (NBA). One of the main protagonists of the engagement was Devin Booker, both for their actions in the game and for other situations.

The win went to Arizona, who dominated the Scotiabank Arena scoreboard, 99-95, with Booker producing 16 units, 3 assists and 5 rebounds in the 36 minutes he played on the Canadian court.

In addition, he took all the spotlight as a result of a more than curious event with the mascot of the local quintet. Apparently he was bothering the Suns jersey 1, and because of that, he had to get out of the player’s sight.

No pets for Devin Booker

Devin Booker he earned the right to stand at the free throw line. After executing the first uttered words that were surely not pleasant, directed towards the Toronto Raptors mascot present on the court.

Then, he took his complaints to the main referee of the engagement, who had no choice but to dispatch ‘Raptor’ into a corner the Scotiabank Arena where he wouldn’t bother Booker again.


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