Video confirms beating allegations against NFL star

A camera could be Alvin Kamara’s undoing. According to a police report, video footage from a casino in Las Vegas has confirmed that the football star from the New Orleans Saints from the professional league NFL punched a man several times. The 26-year-old was arrested on Sunday night after the incident.

Kamara has to answer for serious bodily harm, the victim suffered, among other things, a broken eye socket.

The argument broke out at an elevator, and Kamara hit the man a total of eight times.

Three times when he was already on the ground – this was announced after the recordings had been evaluated. A companion of the running back is said to have kicked the victim 16 times.

According to the police, the NFL professional said he only wanted to stop the man from running away. The video footage does not support this claim. Kamara attended the Pro Bowl, the NFL’s all-star game, on Sunday.

This was possible because the victim had previously not been able to be questioned because of his injuries. On March 8th there will be a hearing before the court.


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