VIDEO: Colin Kaepernick practices with Seattle Seahawks receiver and his return to the NFL is near

The marshal market It has been one of the most interesting stories at the start of this offseason of the National Football League (NFL)both with the big stars like Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady as with teams signing some of the exciting names available in Free Agency.

There are still QBs left who could make an impact on any available franchise, such as free agents Andy Dalton, Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota, or deshaun watson and Jimmy Garoppolowho are actively sold by their teams.

But a name that going under the radar is that of Colin Kapernickwho continues to prepare for a potential return to the NFL, this time with an open training session that he has been responsible for spreading on his social networks.

Kaepernick wants to return to the NFL

Just a few days ago, the quarterback who knew how to shine with the jersey of San Francisco 49ersColin Kaepernick, He asked on his social networks if there were receivers available to be able to do a training.

Who appeared, in this case, is Tyler Lockettwho for now has an uncertain future with the Seattle Seahawks after the movements of the franchise. The two came together and, beyond Lockett’s always outstanding speed, Kaep had the opportunity to once again show his arm in the face of a potential return to the league.


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