Vettel to replace Hamilton? Ralf Schumacher does not believe in resigning

What happens if Lewis Hamilton really should resign just before the start of the 2022 Formula 1 season? Most experts do not rate this scenario as particularly realistic, but the rumor mill is still bubbling. And one name that keeps coming up is that of ex-world champion Sebastian Vettel.

Because if Hamilton does not return, Mercedes would need a strong replacement for the record world champion overnight. And the fact is that Vettel is currently the most successful driver in the current field after Hamilton with four world championship titles. Ralf Schumacher gave an assessment of the rumors on “Sky”.

“Obviously if he had the opportunity to get into this team, he will [zu] Take 100 percent because he has a better chance of driving for the World Cup again,” Schumacher believes and explains: “That’s what Sebastian wants. He wants to win races. He has shown that in the past and last year.”

Schumacher: Hamilton has 30 million reasons…

In 2022, due to the extensive rule changes, all teams will start more or less from zero. But in the Mercedes factory team, Vettel would have a better chance of attacking at the front again than with his current employer Aston Martin, who is currently in a state of upheaval.

According to Schumacher, what speaks for Vettel is that he has a lot of experience, that he already knows the Mercedes engine from his season at Aston Martin and that the AMR21 was generally a car that was very similar to the Mercedes concept. “Accordingly, that would be a great opportunity,” said Schumacher.

However, he still does not believe in the change of sensation. “A) Lewis Hamilton isn’t gone yet and B) Toto Wolff still has some other talents up his sleeve. And I wouldn’t necessarily bet on Sebastian now,” explains Schumacher, who doesn’t expect Hamilton to resign anyway.

Alluding to the Briton’s estimated annual salary, the ex-Formula 1 driver says with a wink: “I think there are well over 30 if not 40 million reasons a year [für die] he will definitely be seen again, I am very sure of that. Because he can’t take that.

Criticism of Hamilton: “Not fair to Verstappen”

Basically, Schumacher finds the behavior of Hamilton, who withdrew from the public after the season finale in Abu Dhabi, “a bit strange.” After the race itself, Hamilton “behaved great” and congratulated Max Verstappen on the world title in a sporting manner.

He then stayed away from the FIA ​​gala in Paris, among other things, which, according to Schumacher, was “not at all fair to Max Verstappen”. He could understand that Hamilton felt “completely betrayed” after Abu Dhabi and had the impression that the FIA ​​​​had “taken” the world title from him.

“He has to go through that now,” says Schumacher, however. Hamilton should tick off the topic and “open the next chapter,” said the expert, who finds that Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff “hasn’t always cut a very happy figure” in recent weeks since Abu Dhabi.

“Now one can only hope that someone will wash their heads,” smiles Schumacher, who definitely expects to see Hamilton in the Mercedes again in the new season – and Sebastian Vettel will continue to do so in the Aston Martin.


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