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Rookie Jonathan Garibay is having a hard time keeping up with the Vet

California’s OXNARD – When a media outlet declared rookie Jonathan Garibay the “locked-in” leader in the competition to be the Dallas Cowboys kicker in 2022 a few days into training camp here in Oxnard, we found it very amusing.

“Amused” considering that Garibay didn’t even start to kick until Saturday.

Oh, and not really “amusing”? The Texas Tech UDFA rookie didn’t kick it very well.

The decision between the rookie and CFL star Lirim Hajrullahu will be made in the coming days, with the latter gaining an early lead in the competition on Saturday.

Hajrullahu was permitted to attempt eight field goals, and he made 7 of them.

The same amount of opportunities was given to Garibay, who failed on half of his kicks, including ones from 44 and 47 yards.

Dallas  Cowboys has moved past Greg Zuerlein, but a team source tells us there is still concern about a “revolving door” at the position in 2022, despite the fact that Dallas entered training camp with Super Bowl expectations.

The massive leg of Garibay might prove that it is also capable of making minor adjustments. In contrast, Hajrullahu, who had a few coffees with Dallas last season under special teams manager Bones Fassel, will continue to dominate this situation.

Although the native European has more experience, he has never started an NFL season for his team, therefore it is of no use.

It’s also important to note that even though this was “just one day,” the Cowboys’ preseason only includes three games. Therefore, “just one-day” matters in the race to actually choose a winner – and perhaps avert a “revolving door.”

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