US professional calls for tightening of gun laws

In an emotional appeal to US politicians, soccer professional Sacha Kljestan has called for tightening of gun laws. The 36-year-old former international used the press conference after the 4-0 (2-0) win with LA Galaxy against CF Montreal in the North American professional league MLS to express his anger at the attack in Highland Park, Illinois.

“I’m sick of sickness because of what happened in Illinois. And I think we need to talk about gun control,” Kljestan said of the shooting at the July 4th parade that killed at least six people and wounded about 30 became. He “didn’t give a shit” about the game, emphasized Kljestan in view of the attack.

“It’s a sick vicious circle that runs over and over again, and we don’t do anything about it. It makes me sick,” Kljestan scolded, visibly desperate: “Congress, the senators – if anyone sees this: do something!” The eternal “thoughts and prayers” (thoughts and prayers) help nothing, the US government does nothing.

Kljestan explained that he was afraid for his children because of the permissive gun laws when they went to school: “It makes me angry – and if it doesn’t make you angry, if you don’t want new gun laws, then something is wrong with you! “

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