Understanding of the sprint blockade of the top teams

Haas team boss Günther Steiner understands the demands of the top teams, which are blocking an expansion of Formula 1 sprint races for 2022. Actually, Formula 1 wanted to hold six sprint races in the upcoming season – twice as many as in the previous season.

But currently it is still in the balance whether you can hold three sprints at all. In return, the top teams are demanding an increase in the budget limit set at 140 million US dollars. Because the additional income from the sprint races is of no use to them, since they are already operating on the border anyway – in contrast to Haas.

Haas would be happy with the additional revenue of $2.65 million for the six sprint races, but cannot do anything about the veto of the top teams. Team manager Günther Steiner is not disappointed and shows understanding.

“They try to do their job,” says the South Tyrolean. “If you have the money, then you need a higher budget limit. Because what do you want when you have money? More money,” says Steiner. “They’re just doing their job, that doesn’t disappoint me.”

But Steiner also emphasizes: “We have to lobby for the other side, because some teams simply need more money, and the budget limit is not a problem.” According to him, the decision must ultimately be made by the FIA: “In my opinion, they will solve the problem.”

Steiner doesn’t know what will happen in the end either: “We have a meeting of the Formula 1 Commission in ten days and then we will know more,” said the team boss. “I think we will have three sprints, but I don’t have an answer yet.”

Originally, the intention was to hold a sprint qualifying session in Bahrain, Imola, Montreal, Spielberg, Zandvoort and Sao Paulo in 2022.


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