Umbrella organizations emphasize backing for Olympic starters

In a joint declaration, the Presidents of the German Olympic Sports Association and the German Disabled Sports Association have pledged their backing and support to the starters at the Winter Games and Paralympics in Beijing.

“This is all the more true in the context of the major challenges posed by the ongoing corona pandemic,” explained DOSB President Thomas Weikert and his colleague Friedhelm Julius Beucher. “However, as has already happened in the recent Olympic and Paralympic past, we do not ignore the realities under which these very special major sporting events take place,” emphasized the sports officials.

In close cooperation with the Federal Foreign Office and representatives of human rights organizations, members of Team D and Team D Paralympics were able to form their own picture of the socio-political situation in China. “As the head of the delegation on site, we will always protect our athletes, regardless of whether they want to comment on non-sporting topics or not,” said Weikert and Beucher. “Blaming athletes for where these games are now taking place wouldn’t be fair.”


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