Two NFL Playoff Games in One Day: An Exceptional Mom’s ‘Mission Impossible’

A mother’s love for her children is unconditional. If they have more than one, they always find a way to care for them, love them and love them equally. This is the case of Donna Kelce, a proud mother of two sons who are professionals in the National Football League in the NFL Playoffs.

Jason and Travis Kelce. The second of them, without a doubt, the best known by public opinion. However, for Donna they are her two treasures and for this reason she did everything possible to see them both, live and from the stadium, despite the fact that they played on the same day.

First stop: Florida. The Philadelphia Eagles and Jason Kelce were challenging the defending champions, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and although the result did not turn out well, Donna was there supporting the 34-year-old center.

Donna Kelce supporting the Eagles (Photo: @NFL)

the journey continued

After that cruise through florida, quickly got on a plane and went to Missouri to see Travis Kelce and Kansas City Chiefs against the Pittsburgh Steelers. There, his son’s troop won and advanced to the AFC Divisional Round.

Donna Kelce on the plane to Kansas City (Photo: @NFL)

Donna Kelce in the car heading to the stadium (Photo: @NFL)

He did it! Donna Kelce supporting the Chiefs (Photo: @NFL)


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