Tuchel quite irritated after Werner’s statement

Chelsea’s head coach Thomas Tuchel reacted with irritation to the hints of a change from national soccer striker Timo Werner.

“I’m surprised. I’d be very happy if I were a young guy with a contract at Chelsea. I’d be one of the happiest people in the world,” said Tuchel about the 26-year-old as part of the Blues’ trip to the USA recently did not want to rule out a change with a view to the upcoming World Cup in Qatar. The finals will take place from November 21st to December 18th.

When asked by reporters whether he would be happy despite the offensive competition for new signing Raheem Sterling with the Blues, Werner said: “I could be happy anywhere.” It was clear that he wanted to play more, “and I should play more to be in good shape for the World Cup and also have a chance to play at the World Cup.”

Tuchel now said that he could not understand the statements. “He has to earn his playing time. He has to show quality, win his place and defend it,” demanded the coach.

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