Trainer complains about dealing with Vinzenz Geiger

Combined national coach Hermann Weinbuch has criticized the organization of the special treatment of his athlete Vinzenz Geiger at the Olympic Winter Games.

“Unfortunately, it doesn’t work organizationally. It’s very exhausting and hinders us a lot in the actual work on the hill,” said Weinbuch of the “German Press Agency” in Zhangjiakou, China. Geiger was classified as a close contact after his teammates Eric Frenzel and Terence Weber tested positive for the corona virus. For the 24-year-old, this means, among other things, that he is no longer allowed to drive in the shuttle with his colleagues.

“The Vinz was very hectic the last two days because the shuttle didn’t come,” said Weinbuch. “Today he waited another hour.” The 61-year-old added after the jump training: “He’s not allowed to use the lift between jumps. He was only up there five minutes before his jump.”

Geiger finished 16th, 19th and 14th in the three training sessions, making him the weakest German. He is third in the overall World Cup and thus the best athlete from the German Ski Association team. “You can’t work with him at all. And that’s how he jumped,” said Weinbuch. “It was very, very difficult for him.”

On the other hand, things went really well for Julian Schmid. The man from Oberstdorf won two of the three rounds and finished third once. “Young, carefree – I hope that he will keep it that way until the day after tomorrow,” said Weinbuch. The first Olympic decision in Nordic combined is on Wednesday.


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