Toto Wolff stands behind Lewis Hamilton after the racism scandal

In an interview with RTL / ntv, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff chose clear words about the racist insults by Formula 1 legend Nelson Piquet towards Lewis Hamilton.

“There is a racing driver in our car who has been injured his whole life, who was mentioned as a child at the racetrack when he was eight years old with exactly these things,” said Wolff in Silverstone about Piquet’s statements.

Piquet had already described Hamilton as a “little N****” in Portuguese in an interview with a Brazilian journalist last year when he commented on the accident between the Mercedes driver and his quasi-son-in-law Max Verstappen.

A “no-go” is that, emphasized Wolff. “It’s not even a joke anymore these days.” The renewed racism debate about his star driver – with whom he maintains a close relationship – obviously went to the heart of the Mercedes team boss.

“Imagine someone saying that about your child”

“You have to imagine it yourself: You go to the sports field with your child and someone insults your child in a racist way. That’s what many fail to do. Some racist or semi-racist statements are made so carelessly, but imagine imagine someone saying that about your child – how do you react?” Wolff pointed out.

After a wave of criticism and solidarity with Hamilton in the F1 camp, Piquet apologized to the British and spoke of a misinterpretation from Portuguese.

The word he uses has long been colloquially used as a synonym for “guy” or “person” in Brazil.

More scandal statements from Nelson Piquet

However, on the fringes of the Great Britain GP (Sunday, 3 p.m., LIVE on RTL), further Piquet statements made the rounds, in which the three-time world champion not only used expressions with racist connotations again, but also homophobic insults.

In a podcast last year, Piquet spoke about Hamilton’s 2016 World Championship fight against his arch-rival Nico Rosberg at the time. The interview, which was apparently shown on the “Motorsport Talks” YouTube channel and was later taken offline, is available on the Brazilian portal “Grande Premio”.

Accordingly, Piquet first insulted the Rosberg family and then Hamilton. “Keke? He was shit, worthless,” the Brazilian etched about Nico Rosberg’s father before adding: “It’s like his son. He won a World Cup. The N**** had to back then [es folgt eine schwer übersetzbare homophobe Entgleisung, in der das Wort “Arsch” fällt]he was pretty bad.”

Formula 1 community alongside Lewis Hamilton

The Formula 1 community was united in Silverstone at Hamilton’s side.

Max Verstappen also condemned the statements made by his girlfriend Kelly Piquet’s father. However, Piquet is “not a racist,” said the world champion at Silverstone. He was also against banning Piquet from the paddock.

According to media reports, those responsible for F1 no longer want to see the ex-champion in the paddock, to which Piquet actually has lifelong access.

Of course, the British racing driver club BRDC had already reacted on Thursday: it revoked Piquet’s honorary membership.

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