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The Top 6 Mobile Dating Games Available for Download Currently

See our selections for the top dating and relationship games available for download right now!

We can all agree that mobile romance games are considerably more enjoyable given the diversity of reasons why people download them. They feature captivating love-centric narratives, similar to those in romantic novels, but without the need to read a book (remember them?) You can also control the direction the story takes. If you’re one of the many people who appreciate mobile dating simulators, keep reading because we’ve selected some of the best examples of the category!

The Sims Mobile

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One of the most well-known life simulation games ever is The Sims, which is now accessible outside of computers. Finding a cute sim to date is one of the numerous things you can do in this game. You can also start a family from scratch here if you so choose. Additionally, your Sims can have occupations, socialize with friends, pursue hobbies, etc. Yes, a mobile version’s options may not be as wide-ranging as those on a regular computer, but they are still sure to keep you interested for a while.



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The fact that LongStory is extremely LGBTQ+ friendly—you can, for instance, select the pronouns at the beginning—is one of its most alluring features. You find yourself in Weasel Heights Middle School when playing LongStrory. You interact with other characters and flirt with the ones you like, just like in any romance-themed game. LongStory is renowned for its compelling story and convincing characters. Since the game is set in middle school, they are pretty young, and there are lots of humorous moments.


Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice

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With good reason, this romantic simulation has a very rating. Your role is that of a producer who collaborates with four attractive men. You have the option of speaking with them over the phone or in person. Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice has a large cast of characters and an intriguing storyline with some surprising turns. The developers also invited well-known performers to perform the narration.

My Candy Love

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Your character in the mobile game My Candy Love is a girl with the name Candy, as you probably have guessed. She recently moved, and she now has to enroll in a new high school. Naturally, Candy makes a lot of new friends at school, including some cute males and the bad boy Castiel. Because there are numerous episodes and various outcomes in the game, the talks you pick might affect the story’s direction. You can play the game more than once to witness different outcomes because the results of your decisions lead to distinct branches of the story. Overall, a fantastic addition to your library of mobile games!

Love Sick: Interactive Stories

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A more mature audience might like this game. Players select from a variety of stories in which the main character, a girl, finds herself in a variety of strange situations. It might resemble living in an affluent community, being surrounded by vampires or spies, etc. The game gives you the option to design your character and choose the storyline; your choices here have a significant impact. Love Sick: Interactive Stories can be downloaded for free, however there are in-app purchase alternatives. You can purchase clothing, for instance. Yes, they do influence the storylines as well.

Love Island

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Is there anything more gratifying than losing yourself in a steamy dating reality program, especially as the weather turns chilly and the summer is only temporarily in our memories? Yes, having the impression that you are taking part in the show. Do you believe that you won’t be chosen at castings or are you just uncomfortable appearing on camera? You may merely play the game Love Island to solve the issue! As you might have guessed, this smartphone game is a dating sim based on the well-known British reality program of the same name. The contestants travel to a tropical island, where they all reside in a solitary villa and couple up in an effort to win a large sum of money in the end. You take on the role of a contestant in this game who must deal with all the heat and drama.



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