Tom Brady revealed why he gave the Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach a weird face in the NFL

It was a very exciting final week of the regular season in the National Football League (NFL), with definitions everywhere just as this league has accustomed us, even with Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the defenders of the title of the superbowl.

During the meeting where the Bucs were victorious 41-17 over Carolina Panthers, the set driven by Bruce Aries I had to be aware of what was going on San Francisco 49ers Y Los Angeles Rams, since that game defined the seeding of Tampa Bay.

It is there where there was a funny encounter between just Arians and the top star that this team has, Tom Brady, where both were aware of what was happening with the definition of the Los Angeles franchise match.


Why did Brady react like this?

The GOAT, in an interview with Willie McGinest for NFL Network, confirmed that his reaction had to do with the result at SoFi Stadium between the 49ers and Rams: “First he told me that the Rams were down 17-0, so I thought ´never mind, we have to win´. And then he comes and tells me that it was 17-17 and my reaction was that“.




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