Tom Brady recovers a star from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the Playoffs and forgets Antonio Brown

After the storm comes the calm. Tampa Bay Buccaneers prepare the last details for the game Wild Card vs. Philadelphia Eagles and after the scandal that happened with Anthony Brown received the news that one of the best offensive weapons of Tom Brady will be available for NFL Playoffs 2022.

When it comes to being the main targets for Brady to throw passes at, to first place Mike Evans A surprising receiver was added, who not only runs with the ball, but also accumulated 69 catches and 454 yards to be the second most pass-catching player of TB12 in the regular season NFL 2021.

Due to a hamstring strain, Leonard Fournette was in doubt for the Playoffs and, although he was able to join the absence of Antonio Brown For the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Playoffs, the running back who already knew how to win a Super Bowl with Brady and company is back.

Fournette’s role in the Buccaneers has gone from less to more and after scoring a touchdown in Super Bowl LV he became exhaust valve for tom brady when the rival defense sends pressure. Leonard has been so fundamental to TB12 that he is the Bucs’ second most caught player.

The three players that Tom Brady and Buccaneers recover for the NFL Playoffs 2022

To the Leonard Fournette Returns, was not available since December 23, 2021, add Lavonte David and Giovani Bernard like the three star players that he recovers Tom Brady and Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the Wild Card vs. Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL Playoffs 2022.


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