Tom Brady breaks the silence and talks about his alleged retirement from the NFL

This Saturday, while the world of National Football League (NFL) I waited expectantly for the two matches Conference Finals of the NFL Playoffs 2022, that emotion was totally overshadowed by what was the most important news of the year: the retirement of Tom Brady.

This was reported by the reliable journalist from ESPN, Adam Schefter, who announced that the QB of Tampa Bay Buccaneers put an end to his NFL career after 22 seasons. However, then reports came from other journalists, from Tom’s father and agent who canceled what was said at the beginning, alluding to the fact that he had not yet made a decision. Chaos broke out.

Despite all this, Sunday was the Playoffs and the news ceased to be the central theme. But This Monday Brady decided to break the silence and commented on his presumed retirement on his SiriusXM “Let’s Go!” Podcast alongside Show host Jim Gray, which began with a humorous “it was a quiet weekend” for Tom.

Tom Brady breaks the silence on his retirement

“I’m still going through the process that I said I would go through. I think when the time is right, I’ll be ready to make a decision for one side or the other.”Brady said according to Zack Cox’s NESN. Still, the quarterback didn’t deny the reports, but said he comes to grips with his decision on a day-to-day basis.

This is how Tom Brady left the stadium after the loss to the Rams. (Mike Ehrman/Getty Images)

“We are in an information age and people want to be in front of the news often. I fully understand that. I understand the environment we are in. I think for my part, it’s literally taking it day by day.”, expressed according to Adam Schefter.

There is a lot of interest in when I will stop playing. I understand that. It’s not that I don’t recognize it. When I know, I will know. And when you don’t know, no. I won’t rush to a conclusion on thatexplained the GOAT according to Greg Auman of TheAthletic.


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