To the Buccaneers to fill in for Brady? They reveal how feasible the Russell Wilson trade is

Nothing has yet been evidenced in this regard, but the withdrawal of Tom Brady of the National Football League (NFL) can go beyond affecting Tampa Bay Buccaneers only, because a domino effect would be evident.

The Florida guys need a new quarterback. For sure, they will go for a high-caliber one, which would imply engage in an exchangeand so on, the team that sedates its quarterback must go for another, and so on.

One of the candidates that has been handled hypothetically it is Russell Wilsonthe star of the Seattle Seahawks, who has been wanting to change scenery for some time and represent a new institution on the American gridirons.

Tom Brady (Photo: Mike Ehrmann | Getty Images)

Russell Wilson to the Buccaneers?

Recently, Peter CarrollSeattle Seahawks head coach, affirmed that indeed there are several teams interested on get the services of Russell Wilsonalthough he did not confirm exactly if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is on the list.

Russell Wilson (Photo: Steph Chambers | Getty Images)

What he did take for granted is that under any concept, Seattle has raised the possibility of trading himkilling any hope of the Buccs or whatever organization has an interest in the 33-year-old quarterback.

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